Shakira ‘Gypsy’ Music Video Notes:

Rafael Nadal is one lucky man.

Not since Enrique roped Anna Kournikova into his ‘Escape’ video have we seen a tennis star in such a steamy music video.

Here’s three noteworthy points about Shakira‘s ‘Gypsy’ video:

1) I thought we’ve done the Shakira-in-flowing-black-dress-with-a-sunset-background before. Check the ‘Beautiful Liar’ video with Beyonce.

2) The famous Nadal derriere at the 0:54 mark almost steals the scene from Shakira‘s windswept dress.

3) The jury’s out on whether Nadal looked awkward canoodling or was it just loads of fun for both parties.


When I think of a gypsy-themed music videos, I think of Jennifer Lopez‘s ‘Ain’t It Funny’.

But Shakira‘s admittedly simple video actually complements the wistful, lazy Sunday arvo feel of the track.

And, not least of it, the balance of sexual chemistry and immaculate hair and make up keeps us watching ’til the end.



  1. Completely unrelated to Shakira but I just re-watched Lopez’s ‘Ain’t It Funny’. I must have missed it the many, many times I’ve watched it in the past. Only now do I realise how ridiculous it was when Eduardo Verástegui polishes an apple. He uses his NIPPLE for fuck’s sake.

  2. Hahahaha Oh @bui! That’s unbelievably observant of you. I’m gonna need to watch that video again…

    J.Lo looked so stunning back in her hey day, sad to hear she’s been dropped.

    PS – Who IS Eduardo? Did you have to research him or is he someone we should all know? :p

  3. If you watch it again, the rubbing is hard to miss. Maybe I’m the only one that is more fixated on Eduardo than J.Lo. I did need to research him, but I do think he and his shirtlessness deserve more recognition.

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