Toni Braxton ‘Yesterday’ Music Video Notes:

When did Toni Braxton start playing the piano?

This woman’s been laying low for so long now I feel like we need to be reacquainted.

But for those playing at home who hadn’t bothered with Toni since ‘Unbreak My Heart’ or ‘He Wasn’t Man Enough’ – this is the record to look out for.

‘Yesterday’ instantly puts Toni back into relevance with its sweeping chorus and a production that’s not too distant from Beyonce‘s ‘Broken-Hearted Girl’.

Having said that, the video’s giving me all kinds of mixed messages:

1) So she plays the piano? Didn’t know that. Move on.

2) Why the dominatrix get-up and Posh bob wig? Can’t we stick to sheer elegance and flowing silk dresses?

3) Pause the video at the 3:00 mark. Here we’ve reached the climax and what have we got?

No sudden gust of wind? No doors being thrown open? No dramatic exit and flash of lights?

She didn’t even give us a clench of a fist! Bah.


As anti-climatic as that video had been (and don’t even get me started on that flaccid version with Trey Songz), I really want ‘Yesterday’ to be huge.

Shame it took newcomers like Leona to show Toni that she could’ve been working this sound a long time ago. Her long-awaited album, Pulse, is due 4 May.


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