Katy Perry ‘Teenage Dream’ Music Video Notes:

This video could’ve been based on Katy’s youth group trips back when she still just a Christian pop singer. You know, before she penned a homo-suggestive song that turned her fortune around?

I’ve always said that Katy Perry‘s ubiquity choked up any genuine interest I had in her music but after hearing ‘Teenage Dream’, one might’ve had a change of heart.

The song caught me off guard with her unexpectedly tender falsettos and its uncluttered retro-pop production. With the exception of ‘Hot N Cold’, this is possibly the only Katy Perry song I am proud to enjoy.

Director Yoann Lemoine (whose CV includes Moby‘s ‘Mistake’ music video and “Lights” – an intriguing arty clip for Vogue Italia) renders ‘Teenage Dream’ in a white-wash haze that has been so trendy with today’s indie-chic photo shoots.

Here are three highlights behind the haze:

1) Road trip

It’s a simple concept but how much does this make you want to round up the gang and go for a road trip? Problem is, I don’t have a cool junkyard car, ya’ll will just have to climb in the back of what looks like a 90s tax accountant’s Honda.

2) Motel rendezvous

Once again, a flashback to the old youth group trips. Hey, a boy can dream, right?

3) Katy watching from the lockers

Who is this girl? Surely it can’t be that lavender-follicled lass shooting whipped cream in ‘California Gurls’. There’s something so endearingly demure about her appearance in this scene, it’s threatening my focus on the hunky boxer.


The ‘Teenage Dream’ video was a personal affair for Katy. She got to cast all her mates and have it filmed in her home town of Santa Barbara. Sweet.



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