X Factor Feed – Auditions

So. After four nights of surprising/cringe-worthy auditions, the second coming of X Factor in Australia is decidedly tottering off on a good start.

Despite the opening night panning out to be a ratings fizzer – drawing only 1.1 million viewers – those who stuck with it soon found scatterings of yellow bricks that could potentially lead to a promising season ahead.

Expectations were high for our judges – Kyle Sandilands, Ronan Keating, Natalie Imbruglia and Guy Sebastian – because the beauty about X Factor is that, it’s as much about them as it is about the contestants they mentor.

While I found it hard to warm to our panel at first, I had to consider that none of them – bar fame whore Kyle Sandilands – are regular television personalities and therefore, we would naturally need more time to get acquainted.

RE: bland feedback and lack of chemistry. I’m extending the leash of mercy in hope that as the season progresses, we’d get more engaging interaction and personality from Kyle, Natalie, Ronan and Guy. Having said that, I’m loving the emergence of “Konan“. Sure, it’s no Channii but you can’t choose love.

The Auditions:
Talent-wise, X Factor Australia stayed true to the show’s format by opening with the looney auditions. Sadly, given our nation’s cynical stance on talent shows – they would’ve been better off baiting us with some super good acts on the first episode rather than saving them for the subsequent nights.

But if word around the office cooler’s anything to go by, the show seems to have won viewers back after the second night. It can only go uphill from here as the pressure intensifies at boot camp stage.

Who brought it:

Harry Abu deserved a standing ovation just for coming out on national TV. But best of all, he didn’t just have the story. He also had a huge musical theatre voice to back it up. Absolute double rainbow.

Hayley Teal announces her arrival with a thunderous rendition of Alicia Keys‘ ‘How Come You Don’t Call Me’. BAM! You know how my ears perk up at the sound of melismatic diva warbles. But to top it off, she proudly came out as a lesbian after her performance, correcting Kyle when he assumed she had a “boyfriend”.

Sally Chatfield was the cracking audition show producers had saved for the very end. I’m sure her mates would’ve preferred it if she sang some Alexis On Fire but tackling a Christina Aguilera ballad to the calibre that she did was probably the best move ever.

Andrew Lawson had the ladies all wet in the Tasman region with his charming rendition of ‘Fly Me To The Moon’. Consider yourself redeemed for that half-patted down hair.

Rheeonya is unquestionably the coolest duo we’ve seen on this show. Everything about them feels fresh, funky and fun. I can totally see them opening for someone like Paris Wells.

Bitch please moment:
“Gurlfriend owned it!” – Kyle on Harry Abu‘s performance. Troll, please. You ain’t Marcia and don’t chu ever speak to my people like that ever again.

(Image courtesy @IdolThreat)

And should the LOLZ fizzle out after boot camp, we can always roll back the audition tapes and catch us some Sailor Guy.

Welcome to Feed Limmy‘s weekly recap of X Factor Australia. So pass the cheese platter and Savoys – and let’s brace ourselves for the mayhem of it all.



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