Alex Gardner ‘Feeling Fine’ Music Video Notes:

Xenomania-incubated boy wonder Alex Gardner is striking back with a new single.

Given that I got down on my knees and lapped up everything Alex Gardner with one hazy slobbery hour, chances are I’ve probably confused tracks on his EP with this new offering.

‘Feeling Fine’ hears the Scottish lad skilfully manoeuvre around the verses in a falsetto, recalling the tenderness of his ballad ‘There Goes My Heart’.

Much like my impressions of Girls Aloud‘s ‘Crocodile Tears’, ‘Feeling Fine’ didn’t strike me as a potential until I woke up one morning with its chorus ringing in my head. Ta-dah! We have another slow-revealing Xenomania pop gem at hand.

In any case, we can resume our chin-stroking debate of Xenomania productions over at the Popjustice forums but in the meantime, let’s watch Alex Gardner saunter around the desert.

Here are three highlights of the ‘Feeling Fine’ video:

1) Desert, hot ride and tan

Using the three essential elements that made us wet for Enrique Iglesias videos, here we see Alex basque in a sun-soaked Spanish desert with his shirt on.

Don’t whinge to me about that. It’s not like he’s not giving you a taste of what you want. The guy has grown some facial hair since his first video and he’s rocking a tan. So, please.

2) Socialite house party

Seriously, what do these rich kids talk about?

3) ‘I’m Not Mad’

Once it’s a wrap in the desert scene, there’s really not much to the ‘Feeling Fine’ video. Time to take that YouTube recommendation and check out Alex‘s debut video ‘I’m Not Mad’. Check out the fancy things mirrors and fluorescent lights can do.


Alex recently uploaded a version of ‘Feeling Fine’ sans the robo-chat effects. It was tagged as “without vocal effects” but depending on who you ask, pitch correction may or may not be classified as a “vocal effect”.

‘Feeling Fine’ is out on 27 September in the UK.


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