Cheryl Cole ‘Promise This’ Video

Everyone just shut up. SHUT UP. Nothing else exists in the world right now but Cheryl Cole and her jaw-dropping ‘Promise This’ video.

My favourite music video director Sophie Muller pulls up her signature zooms and rapid cut edits for this gothic chic affair. Trust me, Nuhdeen, you’re gonna want to sit back down for this one.

Here are three highlights of Chezza’s new promo:

1) Movement in the shadows

This is just the kind of avant garde video choreography we’d expect from the likes of Beyonce and Ciara. Thank you Cheryl for stepping up to the plate.

2) A storm is a comin’

Hell yes. Anyone else see a throwback to Sophie Muller‘s previous promo classics: Beyonce‘s ‘Deja Vu’ and Sophie Ellis-Bextor‘s red dress in ‘Catch You’?

3) Falling into space

That’s one hell of a closing sequence. Smoke, wind machines and back lighting like you won’t believe.


Cheryl‘s ‘Promise This’ single hits UK stores on 24 October with her second solo album, Messy Little Raindrops, due the following week. This puts her material out a week ahead of fellow Girls Aloud band mate, Nadine Coyle‘s, debut solo releases.


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