Kelis ‘Scream’ Music Video

Ring the alarm! For our fearless leader has returned with a new music video.

Compared to the visual drama of her last two videos, ‘Scream’ looks like a Grace Jones project filmed on a budget collected from Ameriie‘s hairdresser tip jar.

Having said that this promo does have its moments and by moments I mean, what-kinda-“couture”-fuckery-are-you-wearing? moments.

Here are three moments in Kelis‘s ‘Scream’ video:

1) The Flesh Suit.

This puts Gaga‘s meat purse ‘n’ bikini combo into perspective. Really.

2) The Head Massager.

I know what I’ll be rocking at this year’s Remedial Therapy Society Ball.

3) Hair Extensions for Shoulder Capes.

Bizarre, yes. But so bonkers it’s actually brilliant.


‘Scream’ is the third international single lifted from Kelis‘s Flesh Tone album. Keep an ear out for the fourth (third, if you’re in the US) single ‘Brave’. Now that one’s real a corker.


Slip on them red and blue shades for the 3D version of ‘Scream’.


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