Nadine Coyle ‘Insatiable’ Music Video

Nuhdeen launches her debut solo single with all the hair flicks, crazy eyes and live instruments she can pack in a promo.

Here director Wayne Isham (the man behind Britney‘s ‘Piece of Me’ and Aaliyah‘s ‘Try Again’ videos) gives our Girls Aloud warbler exactly what she ordered: a music video fitting of her reinvention as a serious artiste.

As if that ludicrous photo of Nadine songwriting in front of a piano wasn’t enough to test my gag reflexes, here she’s driving the message home with a big diva mic and full band in the background.

Here are three arresting moments in the ‘Insatiable’ clip:

1) The Crazy Eyes.

Not since Beyonce went bonkers on stage with ‘Crazy In Love’ have I seen such a bewitching combination of crazy eyes and hair flicks. Be concerned. Be very concerned.

2) Bad miming.

Nadine, for your homework this week we’re assigning you these reels taken from Cheryl‘s live performances. The pen, pad and full-length mirror are awaiting you in the study.

3) The X Factor Intro.

Does this pose, this video screen projection and panning camera shot look familiar to you? That’s right. Nuhdeen‘s on The X Factor.


Before you nutty Insatiablites give this post a ‘bitch please’ rating, I’d like to formally say that I am in fact rooting for Nadine. The promo just didn’t live up to my visions of a high-octane motorcycle chase across horizon ending with a slow-motion shot of Nuhdeen lifting the helmet off and whipping her hair out. Now, you see why I’m pissed.



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