Duffy ‘Well Well Well’ Music Video

Well, well, well – indeed. If it isn’t the human equivalent of a soul sultry Daisy Duck.

Director Chris Cottam (the man behind Ellie Goulding‘s ‘The Writer’ video) sets a vintage and somewhat Italian romantic scene for the cheeky new single and it didn’t take long for us to figure what caught the boys’ attention.

1) Gentlemen, have I got your attention?

OH HAI, BOYS. WHAT ARE YOU ALL LOOKIN’ AT? *Turns to see Duffy saunter in wearing a dress with a slit up the middle* TRAMP.

2) She just wants to dance.

Yes, boys. Let Duffy show you how to step ‘n’ clap. The whole clip essentially alludes to our English rose being the village bike who’s throwing herself into a sea of bar men but it’s all cleverly disguised in mostly vanilla choreography. Lady, please. I mean, let’s just call it a spade.

3) The innocent minx.

I know that look all too well. It was last seen on my face before I uttered, “No, I was not dancing all up on that stranger when they played Holly Valance…”


Duffy‘s sophomore album, Endlessly, drops in Australia on 26 November. Rejoice.


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