Freemasons feat. Wynter Gordon ‘Believer’ Music Video

YES. Wynter Gordon, this is how you do it.

The budding American singer/songwriter makes another right step in the dance direction, earning a prestigious collabo with the Freemasons and, needless to say, ‘Believer’ has restored my faith in her career trajectory.

The video is an elegant and colourful affair – and is possibly the best thing Wynter has committed to film yet. Director Sarah Chatfield (the lady behind Diana Vickers‘ ‘My Wicked Heart’ and Annie‘s ‘I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me’ promos) pulls off all the elements expected of an en vogue dance music video with a high-fashion magazine shoot sheen.

Here are three scene-stealing moments in ‘Believer’:

1) Take your aim.

What an immaculate work done with such a simple concept of lights, shadows and projections. Completely satisfying.

2) The leather armadillo vest.

The futuristic costumes and simple wall projections easily translates to something from the pages of iD or V magazine.

3) Gently working that scaffolding.

Sure she’s not swinging off it and contorting like Madonna has seized control of her body but the beat doesn’t justify that kind of energy, anyway. Ladies, it’s all about the dramatic, slow-panning hands and gentle stretches.


Keep an eye out, Australia. Wynter‘s local label, Neon Records (see also: home to Zoe Badwi and TV Rock), has plans to bring her out here for festivals early next year. Label boss and dance music producer Grant Smillie told me that Wynter‘s album is not all dance but is certainly “more influenced that way than R&B”. PLEASE, TELL US MOAR.



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