Headlines – 13.10.10

Making headlines in pop this week…

STOP THE PRESS. Australians won’t have to wait six months to get new Cheryl Cole material this time around. My trusty oracle Auspop reports that Universal Music Australia is sending Chezza‘s ‘Promise This’ to local radios on 25 October and her Messy Little Raindrops album is out here on 12 November – a mere 11 days after the UK release. I’m all in favour of branding and I get why they’d use the same font plastered on her 3 Words project but I much prefer the scribbled writing they’ve used on her ‘Promise This’ promo CD.

UPDATE: Universal Music has just confirmed that the ‘Promise This’ video will be sent to stations on Monday and the single will be released online 5 November, a week before the album drops here.

In other Chezza news, the English beauty has guest vocalled on bum chum Will.i.Am and Nicki Minaj‘s ‘Check It Out’ single – it’s hardly worth fangurling over but I expect you’d want to hear it, anyway? Phase two in State-side domination: check!

Robyn has announced that ‘Indestructible’ will be the next and final single off her Body Talk franchise. Just like she did with ‘Hang With Me’, the Swedish pop purveyor will be releasing the four-to-the-floor original version of ‘Indestructible’ – not the acoustic take we’re all familiar with. No prize for connecting the dots here: the single version will be on her third and final comprehensive Body Talk LP – which is made up of five Pt.1 tracks, five Pt. 2 tracks, and five new ones. ‘Indestructible’ is out in the UK 22 November and the complete Body Talk package, the following week. Expect Aussie dates to match because she’ll be touring here in December.

Adam Lambert has agreed to tone his shit down for the Malaysian public. The Glambert is the latest global pop star to kowtow to my birth country’s conservative Muslim values by removing elements of “stripping, kissing and jumping” [Editor’s note: um… please explain the latter?]. Kudos to Adam for soldiering ahead despite the Pan-Malayan Islamic Party’s slagging commending his show for “promoting a gay lifestyle” – that’s real love for his fans right there.

I’d like to think that most Gen Y Malaysians aren’t offended with a glitter-and-confetti showcase of the “gay lifestyle”. After all, isn’t that just a regular day in the lives of the queer? Please. Adam‘s Glam Nation tour pulls up for one show only in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow night.

Kelly Rowland has let slip a killer mid-tempo from her forthcoming album. ‘Forever Is Just A Minute Away’ – silly me, thinking this was a mash up or an alternate version of her current single ‘Forever And A Day’ – has got me stark-raving, drooling mad for the LP to drop already.

Kelly Rowland – Forever Is Just A Minute Away by UnusualSinner

I’m completely satisfied with this lite-synth affair but knowing her hungry European audience, there’ll probably be calls for an Ibiza-ready remix of this.

Casey Donovan, that’s what I’m talkin’ BOUT. It’s been far too long since we heard Marcia Hines flap her grill of perfectly white dentistry to that phrase so I thought it was due. Our underrated Idol winner Casey has hit back with a new single, ‘Last Regret’ – and it is cracking.

The life-affirming ‘Big Beautiful & Sexy’ might not have made heavy rotation on commercial stations but there’s no excuse for snubbing this track. ‘Last Regret’ is out digitally on 7 November.

LaRoux has nabbed Kanye West for a remix of ‘In For The Kill’. This has to be Kan’s most exciting cross-Atlantic hook up since he joined Estelle for ‘American Boy’, right? The electro pop duo has been steady making waves State-side and this single serves as their follow up to ‘Bulletproof’ there.

Mel B has locked in a track with Ludacris. Just when I thought Scary had followed Posh out through the music industry’s emergency exit, there she goes again. Loitering and terrifying us with news of collaborations with American urban acts. It was reported last year that her fabled third studio album also features a track with Janet Jackson and Missy Elliott but seriously, why would Janet give anyone a minute?

The Saturdays needs to stop jump-starting their albums. The British girl band is releasing an “expanded” version of their Headlines EP next month – which, mind you, is partly made up of tracks from their under-performing Wordshaker album. Now the ladies have decided to extend the package to include three more songs from Wordshaker “for the new fans” to enjoy. The tracklisting will now boast: the Jordin Sparks-snatching ‘Here Standing’, ‘Lose Control’ and ‘Deeper’ – as well as the Flo Rida remix of their current single, ‘Higher’. Will this shit never end?

Natasha Bedingfield will release an acoustic EP of her forthcoming Strip Me album. The raspy-voiced pop singer had always excelled in her live acoustic sets so she’s decided to give seven of her new tracks the stripped down treatment to accompany the “upbeat” album. Strip Me is said to be out early next month in the UK and US but pick up has been slow for the title-track and lead single, ‘Touch’.


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