X Factor UK Feed: Live Shows Week One

Folks, this competition just got bigger. The matriarch of all X Factor franchises has raised the velvet rope to include four extra acts in the finals this year. But in a hectic line up of 16 acts – who’s going to stand out and steal the show, and who will fade to grey?

After a colourful and arduous audition phase – featuring a bevy of guests filling in for Cheryl and Dannii – the judges have made their picks for the extravagant live shows and so, here’s where Feed Limmy laces up his Dunlop Volleys and starts to walk with the competition every week.

We’ve already ticked off the roll call for the final 12 here but ya’ll will need to shuffle over to make room for: Diva Fever (Simon’s groups), Paije (Dannii’s boys), Treyc Cohen (Cheryl’s girls) and Wagner (*shudders* Louis’ over-28s).

The first live show theme was fittingly “#1 singles”, and the stage production and song choice could not have produced more of a winning mix. Here’s a [Editor’s note: BELATED. *cracks whip*] recap of this week’s UK X Factor live show.

Who brought it:

Aiden Grinshaw, I’ve got goosebumps all over – and it’s my sixth time watching your performance this week. It was the song choice made in heaven. Dannii‘s was right on the money commissioning Aides to cover ‘Mad World’. This is chilling and intense in all the right ways but best of all, it’s the stuff bewitching TV performances are made of. Mate, you’ve just brought the bar to a whole new stratosphere.

Cher Lloyd, freeze this moment because you’d want to remember this as the moment you shut them haters up. Despite all the tabloid mongering about her being mentally unfit to compete, the 17-year old came strutting out with all the stage presence in the world to remind us why X Factor needs her. If they had released Cher‘s cover of The SOS Band‘s 1983 hit ‘Just Be Good To Me’, I’d bet my life savings that it would’ve gone #1.

Mary Byrne might’ve been under the weather but you wouldn’t know it. The Tesco memaw mustered up every bit of Dame Shirley Bassey swagger she had in her to jolt us insane with this rendition of ‘This Is A Man’s World’. Couple that with a stylish hair piece, smouldering eye make up and a chic black one-piece – and you’ve got a winning package.


Behold! The threat of a double elimination this week. It wasn’t a pretty sight seeing the lowest-polling act Nicolo Festa swiftly axed, leaving Katie Waissel and FYD to warble for survival. After watching Katie croak her way through a Beatles down tempo and FYD party to Rihanna‘s ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ – the judges voted to cut the energetic boy band. It’s been a cold shock to the system not just for the two acts sent home but for us too. I would liked to have seen more from FYD and most definitely, the oft-tagged diva Nicolo.

I’m practically wincing now after hearing that Nicolo was meant to sing ‘Viva Forever’ on next week’s show. What a major opportunity lost.


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