Shakira ‘Loca’ Music Video

So. The most truthful hips in the industry have returned to gyrate its way back into our wet dreams.

Director Jaume de Laiguana (one of Shakira‘s most loyal creative collaborators) drove local authorities loca when he turned the Colombian singer loose on the streets of Barcelona. Here we see a frivolous account of Shakira running amok – rollerblading, getting changed in public, riding on a motorcycle WITHOUT A HELMET and dancing in a public fountain.

Barcelonan officials reportedly slapped the Grammy-winning singer with a fine for engaging in “antisocial behaviour” when she mucked around in the iconic Pla De Palau fountain.

Apparently you need a permit before you can go nuts like that but that’s evidently not how Shakira rolls.

Here are three other notable offenses our resident sexpot rebel has committed on film:

1) Committing carbicide.

Just like it was with the law, Shakira is clearly above this.

2) Adopting Ke$ha hair.

The finest rodents of Barcelona are moving in to her head nest as we speak.

3) Assaulting unicyclists.

As if he hasn’t got enough on his plate already. Haw haw haw. [Editor’s note: Don’t encourage him, please.]


‘Loca’ is yet to be released here but if you’re keen, you can purchase the Spanish version of this video now. There’s no Australian release date set yet for Shakira‘s forthcoming bilingual album Sale El Sol. Fair enough, suppose we deserve to be punished for snubbing your sensational last album.


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