Headlines – 20.10.10

Making headlines in pop this week…

Nadine Coyle has uploaded a four-minute album sampler and a remix of her new single ‘Insatiable’ free for all to download. The Girls Aloud warbler seems to be managing her own online previews a lot better than nemesis Cheryl Cole has with her Messy Little Raindrops ‘unlocking tracks’ campaign, which was contravened by her Soundcloud page already offering free – and mind you, effortless – previews.

Having heard snippets from ladies’ albums – it’s safe to say that Cheryl‘s taking more risks with her sophomore and Nadine‘s project is typical of a keen-to-impress debut: hook-intensive and catering to a variety of styles and genres.

Cheryl Cole‘s Messy Little Raindrops will drop on 1 November in the UK, a week before Nuhdeen‘s debut LP – even though Tesco‘s listed that the latter will be due on 1 November, I highly doubt Nuhdeen would want to go head to head with Chezza.

Grab your free downloads of Nadine’s album sampler and Wawa remix of ‘Insatiable’.

Ke$ha is giving away a free download of her new single ‘We R Who We R’ if you sign up to her mailing list in the next 24 hours. TiK ToK, time’s running. Hurry, bitches, hurry. Speaking of ‘TiK ToK’, I remembered when she released the song as a free download on her website last September before the single broke out and ravaged the world.

You can’t hold a good track down and it’s great to see that labels are finally getting their priorities right. It’s great getting paid for your tracks and shit but let’s face it, it’s even better to have your art heard and consumed.

Grab your free download of ‘We R Who We R’.

Eva Longoria has recorded a rap for her MTV EMA promo. That’s right. YOU HEARD ME. The sizzling actress will be hosting this year’s awards and by means of introduction, she’s lathered it all up in a little lyrical flow.

Femmecee Longwhoria‘s rap manages to name check everything from Desperate Housewives and her Latin roots, through to french toast and Maseratis. Highlight: “When I’m talking, let me make it clear. PAY ATTENTION BOYZ. YO! MY EYEZ ARE UP HERE.” I’m getting visions of a Cheryl Cole hip hop track now and it’s not pretty.

The 2011 Grammy submissions have leaked. It’s mind-blowing to see how many submissions are made and which tracks get put forward and for what categories. The actual Grammy nomination shortlist will be announced on 1 December at the 3rd Annual Grammy Nominations Concert. Here’s a quick highlight of some of the submissions. [via Toya’s World]

Record of The Year: Sweet Dreams Medley (Live)
Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals: ‘Telephone’
Best R&B by a Duo or Group: ‘Put It In A Love Song’
Best Contemporary R&B Album: I Am… Yours An Intimate Performance At Wynn Las Vegas.

Lady Gaga
Album of The Year: The Fame Monster
Record of The Year: ‘Bad Romance’
Song of The Year: ‘Bad Romance’
Best Dance Recording: ‘Dance In The Dark’
Best Female Pop Vocal Performance: ‘Bad Romance’
Best Pop Vocal Album: The Fame Monster

Album of The Year: Rated R
Record of The Year: ‘Hard’, ‘Rude Boy’ and ‘Love The Way You Lie’
Song of The Year: ‘Rude Boy’ and ‘Love The Way You Lie’
Best Pop Collaboration: ‘Rockstar 101’ featuring Slash
Best Rap/Sung Collaboration: ‘Hard’
Best Pop Vocal Album: Rated R

Alicia Keys
Album of The Year: The Element of Freedom
Best R&B album: The Element of Freedom
Record of The Year: ‘Unthinkable’, ‘Empire State of Mind’ and ‘Rapture’
Best R&B Song: ‘Unthinkable (I’m Ready)’
Best Female Pop Vocal: ‘Rapture’ (Sex & The City 2 soundtrack)

Whitney Houston
Record of The Year: ‘Worth It’
Best R&B Song: ‘Worth It’

Leona Lewis
Album of The Year: Echo
Song of The Year: ‘Happy’ and ‘I See You’
Pop Collaboration with Vocals: ‘Lost Then Found’ (with One Republic)
Best R&B by Duo or Group: ‘Love Is Your Colour’ (with Jennifer Hudson)

Christina Aguilera
Album of The Year: Bionic
Song of The Year: ‘You Lost Me’
Record of The Year: ‘You Lost Me’
Best Female Pop Vocal: ‘You Lost Me’ and ‘Lift Me Up’
Best Pop Collaboration: ‘Woohoo’ (featuring Nicki Minaj)
Best Dance Recording: ‘Not Myself Tonight’

Kelly Rowland
Record of The Year: ‘Commander’
Song of The Year: ‘Commander’
Best Dance Recording: ‘Commander’

Album of The Year: No Gravity
Best Pop Vocal Album: No Gravity
Record of The Year: ‘Impossible’
Best New Artist: Shontelle

Check Toya’s World for more submission listings from our favourite pop/R&B acts.

Another month, another Pussycat Doll threatens a solo career. Jessica Sutta, from the axed-PCD line up, has released her debut single ‘I Wanna Be Bad’.

It’s just what you’d expect: racy electro pop with a heavy dose of sex kitten rap. The video sees miss thang sauntering in a courtesan stripper outfit, sensually chewing on a teddy bear and meddling with drag queens. You know, just my kind of night.

“Marcia Hines Tops The Charts Again!” Read the subject heading from this Universal Music press release. Now before you hit up your calendar, no it’s not April’s Fools. Believe me, I checked. What Glam Ma Marcia‘s label’s trying to say is that the former Australian Idol judge’s new album of covers – Marcia Sings Tapestry – has gone #1 on the ARIA jazz/blues chart! WAOW. And there I thought the press photo of her rocking one of Sherri Shepherd‘s many daytime weaves was news enough.

Muscles has announced tour dates to promote his forthcoming EP ‘Younger & Immature’, which is out next Friday. Check out the messy fantastic video for his new single ‘Girl Go Crazy’.

I’m trying to figure out which Asian country they shot parts of this video at. Judging by the writings on the signs and sightings of HMV – I’m inclined to say China. [Editor’s note: I know. Well done, Limmy. Were you a private eye in a past life?]

Grab a free download of Muscles’ ‘Girl Crazy Go (Inception Remix)’



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