Willow Smith ‘Whip My Hair’ Music Video

This child is not one to be played with.

Nine-year old Willow Smith drops her debut music video earlier this week and done right shut down most of these self-appointed divas in the industry.

So what if she’s just crawled out of the womb, young Willow is here to have fun and director Ray Kay (see the man behind Cheryl Cole‘s ‘Fight For This Love’ promo) shows us just how she keeps the party jumping.

1) Weave snatching from Art Attack

Neil Buchanan, you just got served. Can you do better?

2) Candy floss weave

And why the hell not, you say? I’m online ordering one in every colour now as we speak. It should arrive on the same day as my customised Willow face diamantes.

3) Earthquake effects and lens flares

Her swag is so tight the ground just can’t help but tremble a little when she stomps it. We get that this is a Disney-budget production but must we have that blue lens flare all up in our face the whole time?

Mainstream Australia has no concept of what’s going on here. ‘Whip My Hair’ has no local release date yet at this stage for radio or digital. I say in good faith that Willow‘s online hype will inadvertently break her in new territories without her label needing to issue a press release first.



  1. I’m a film student in South Africa and love editing! But how did you do the paint splashing effect! Thing changing color! I would like to try it in my school projects

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