Take That ‘The Flood’ Music Video

This is beyond brilliant and triumphant.

Director Mat Whitecross (the co-director of The Road to Guantanamo) took our beloved manband canoeing down the River Thames for a sentiment-rich promo that could easily double up as one for the London 2012 Olympics.

Here are three highlights of ‘The Flood’:

1) Team work.

This opening is such a fitting symbol of team work. It works on so many levels especially with ‘The Flood’ being Robbie‘s first single since returning to the band last year.

They’ve shot Robbie‘s close up last and that to me is like the time when Destiny’s Child reformed and Beyonce refused to be photographed standing in the middle. These solo stars either know that it’s not all about them or they see everyone else as their opening act.

2) It’s not about winning.

Haters gonna hate but you got to love how our men kept rowing, powering beyond the limitations of the race.

3) Behold! London’s treasures.

This sequence featuring London landmarks along the River Thames could be submitted for the Olympic committee’s consideration. What more could you want? This is London’s highlights as presented by the nation’s favourite boy band rowing beyond the competition. It’s all brimming with patriotism and glowing symbolism.


Take That‘s Progress album – which will also be available in a “collectors edition” – is out here on 26 November. Are we wet yet?


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