Guy Sebastian “Twenty Ten” Album Details

This is why I love my oracle, Auspop. You can always rely on them to bring the local exclusives.

Here they’ve run details of the very exciting Guy Sebastian greatest hits compilation and I know everyone is packaging something of this nature this time of the year but I promise you, this looks worthwhile.

Twenty Ten is a double disc bonanza featuring 20 of Guy‘s best-loved tracks on disc one and 10 acoustic tracks on disc two. See? Grand value.

There’s also two new recordings tacked on, including the new single ‘Who’s That Girl’ featuring Eve. Here’s the tracklisting for you fangurls:

Twenty (Disc One)

1 – Who’s That Girl (feat. Eve) [new]
2 – If I Really Loved You [new]
3 – Like It Like That
4 – All To Myself
5 – All I Need Is You
6 – Angels Brought Me Here
7 – Out With My Baby
8 – Oh Oh (Single Version)
9 – Taller Stronger Better
10 – Cover On My Heart
11 – Closer To The Sun
12 – Elevator Love
13 – Art of Love (feat. Jordin Sparks)
14 – Attention
15 – Hold On I’m Coming
16 – Climb Every Mountain
17 – Kryptonite
18 – Never Hold You Down
19 – My Beautiful Friend
20 – Take Me To The River

Ten – Acoustic (Disc Two)

1 – All To Myself
2 – Elevator Love
3 – Like It Like That
4 – Art of Love
5 – Closer To The Sun
6 – Kryptonite
7 – Angels Brought Me Here
8 – All I Need Is You
9 – Out With My Baby
10 – Oh Oh

Let’s take a moment to reflect here. How many Idol alumnus out there can manage a career beyond two records, let alone one spanning seven years manoeuvring swiftly through various stylistic and artistic changes over five studio albums. Not many, if any.

‘Who’s That Girl’ will be serviced to Aussie radios next Monday.

Twenty Ten is out on 19 November, a week after fellow X Factor judge Ronan Keating‘s Duet album hits stores.



  1. Guy is simply the best at so many things – what a superstar he is! Thanks for the track listing and album cover – just wonderful!

  2. How did they manage to make someone as handsome as Guy look completely devoid of sex appeal???

    There’s so many gorgeous photos of Guy out there – e.g. this pic of him in a singlet currently on his website:

    – 1000 times hotter than the album cover!

    Anyway looking forward to hearing the acoustic songs.

    • I seriously love Guy fans. They are the most passionate fans I’ve ever come across with any Aussie pop star.

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