Ronan Keating “Duet” Album Details

RoRo‘s out to get that money.

Here to capitalise on his newfound prominence on Australia’s X Factor, the sexy Irish import is flogging a new album of covers imaginatively titled Duet.

In more exciting news, the album’s lead single ‘Believe Again’ [Editor’s note: not the Delta version, but thanks for the suggestion] features none other than our favourite Idol diva Paulini.

Yes. But young diva ain’t the only local produce on the shelf.

Behold the tracklisting:

1 – All For One (feat. Guy Sebastian)
2 – To Love Somebody (feat. Brian McFadden)
3 – The Long Goodbye (feat. Lee Kernaghan)
4 – Islands In The Sream (feat. The McClymonts)
5 – Say Say Say (feat. Adeaze)
6 – Wild World (feat. Marvin Priest)
7 – Believe Again (feat. Paulini)
8 – Father & Son (feat. Cat Stevens)
9 – We’ve Got Tonight (feat. Lulu)
10 – Last Thing On My Mind (feat. LeAnn Rimes)
11 – Your Song (feat. Elton John)
12 – It’s Only Christmas (feat. Hayley Westenra)

You know Nat‘s going to be cut. First her planned duet with Boyzone on the X Factor gets scrapped (they went ahead without her) and now she finds out that RoRo apparently forgot to forward her a txt invite when he was jamming with Guy. It’s fine, Ronan. We hear you loud and clear.

For those too young to remember ‘We’ve Got Tonight’ with Lulu was actually a Top 20 hit here back in 2002 and the Leann Rimes duet ‘Last Thing On My Mind’ [Editor’s note: sadly not the Steps version you were expecting] was a single in 2004.

The bulk of the album is produced by Greg Wells (super producer behind Katy Perry and Boyzone).


‘Believe Again’ is serviced to Australian radios today and is out online 5 November. Duet is out here on 12 November and just ever so coincidentally, Guy Sebastian‘s greatest hits Twenty Ten has been pushed back to the following week.



  1. Oh god, I really hope it’s not the same ‘Believe Again’ Ronan Keating wrote for Eurovision 2009. Of all the Eurovision songs to get played everywhere it had to be that one. Agh!

      *Pulls press release from Recycle Bin*
      It might be? It was originally recorded by Norwegian “pop sensation” Brinck. Liam, I expect you to know this.

      • Niels Brinck is Danish, and even as I wrote it, I knew it was going to be the same damn song.

        One of my least favourite songs of last year, the guy even looked and sounded like Ronan, so I expect to hear the same song with some Paulini.

      • Do you think the people writing these press releases know the difference between Norway and Denmark? haha. But you and “Kenobi” are right.

        It’s the same song. But you know, Paulini’s warbles should make it all the more better ;-)

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