Kylie Confirms ‘Better Than Today’

Our goddess Kylie has announced the third single from her Aphrodite album.

Fan favourite ‘Better Than Today’ has been confirmed for release but there’s no mention of whether it’d be out by the end of the year or early 2011 to sensibly coincide with her Aphrodite – Les Folies tour.

The feel-good Nerina Pallot track sounds summer ready here but frankly, I’m not sure if it can better the disappointing sales of ‘Get Outta My Way’. I would’ve elected the title track instead but we all know how Min and most fans feel about ‘Better Than Today’.

There are whispers that Kylie is re-releasing Aphrodite early next year with some new tracks. Luciana (see: songwriter behind album track ‘Cupid Boy’) let slip in her interview with Pop Trash Addicts that she has submitted a new song – ‘If I Ruled The World’ – for the re-release.

My queens, we best be on guard. There might just be better offerings around the corner.


In related news, my interview with Dannii Minogue will air in full on JOY 94.9 8-9pm (AEST) tonight. Mammii Dannii chats with me about her tell-all book, her relationship with the gay community and yes, boys… there is new music talk.

You can listen live online here.

The interview podcast will be uploaded on iTunes later here.


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