Cheryl Cole “Messy Little Raindrops” Australian Edition

Universal Music Australia knows they have to work a little harder on this than their colleagues in the UK.

The local release of Cheryl Cole‘s forthcoming Messy Little Raindrops album will feature all her 3 Words singles as well as a different cover with the “Cheryl Cole” signature moved up to a more prominent spot.

They’re all sensible strategies to fan the flicker of interest Australians have in Cheryl‘s music. But never mind the product packaging or design, how about they get her out here for a quick promo trip? She can bunk in at Dannii‘s new place.

The new single ‘Promise This’ has officially hit airwaves and we’ll soon see if it translates to another crossover hit for the Geordie goddess.

Here’s the Aussie tracklisting:

1 – Promise This
2 – Yeah Yeah (feat. Travie McCoy)
3 – Live Tonight
4 – The Flood
5 – Amnesia
6 – Everyone (feat. Dizzee Rascal)
7 – Raindrops
8 – Hummingbird
9 – Better to Lie (feat. August Rigo)
10 – Let’s Get Down (feat. Will.i.Am)
11 – Happy Tears
12 – Waiting
13 – Fight For This Love
14 – 3 Words (feat. Will.i.Am)
15 – Parachute

Wigs and earrings would come off as soon as Scarlett Belle hears ‘Better To Lie’, which sounds like a dead ringer for their single ‘Closure’.


‘Promise This’ has reportedly shifted over 100,000 units so far this week, making it the biggest first week single sales in the UK all year. The single drops here on 12 November with the album out the following week.



  1. They changed the colour of the text as well haven’t they from the ugmo orange or am i making that up?

    And do you like the cover? I think its a bit plain and year 7 photography, I mean shes smoking but this is undercooked.

    • Colour of text is different – CORRECT.
      Positioning of Cheryl itself is also different – she’s moved closer to the centre in this one. Probably to accommodate the name going up in the top left corner.

      The cover doesn’t really do it for me in either versions. I hate the blur and I’ve read one blogger comment that the blur sensibly covers up the tatt on around her thigh.

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