Katy Perry ‘Firework’ Music Video

It’s shaping up to be the year of the underdogs.

Director Dave Meyers (the man behind most of Pink‘s wonderful promos) gathers the crowd for an empowering video that chimes in on pop’s current trend of celebrating individuality.

If you check out this latest crop of new releases – think: Ke$ha ‘We R Who We R’ and Pink‘s ‘Raise Your Glass’, just to name a few – there’s a resounding anthem of throwing a fist in the air for the social outcasts.

Meyers told MTV they wanted to keep the video real and as far away from Hollywood as possible. The youths featured aren’t played by actors, they are your everyday folk.

“In the last scene, that wasn’t 250 extras – that was 250 hardcore Katy Perry fans. Finding two gay guys in Budapest was a challenge because it’s not as accepted there as it is in West Hollywood. I found an actual, real couple,” Meyers said.

Here are three pyrotechnic-flared moments to look out for in ‘Firework’:

1) These breasts…

Should really be on America’s Got Talent. Is there anything Katy Perry‘s mammaries can’t do?

2) The cancer patient.

It’s hard to not be a little moved when you see this depiction of a brave young cancer battler.

3) Vive la revolution.

The aerial view, the unreal fireworks and youth uprising in Budapest – what an atmosphere.


‘Firework’ debuted at #37 in Australia this week. Expect sales and radio rotation to pick up exponentially in the coming weeks as tickets for her Aussie tour go live this Thursday, 4 November.



  1. who played the boy with the long brown hair, whos mother was abused and he faught back for his mom?

    • Hey Audrey,

      The director said all the cast you see in this video are just random Katy Perry fans. None of them are actors per se :)

    • That is a girl. The director said she, too, was just a fan and it was a huge commitment on her part to shave her head for the video.

  2. they may be actors but please we still want to know who was that boy with brown hair with troubled parents!!!!!
    the one who tells his name would be blessed by me !! ;) hahahaa……………….please

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