Kesha “Animal + Cannibal” Album Details

It’s the gift that keeps giving, isn’t it?

Ke$ha‘s ever-popular debut album Animal was only re-issued as a deluxe edition four months ago but nevermind that, here comes a new package complete with an EP of new material.

Here’s the tracklisting for Cannibal with bonus new videos filmed for two album tracks:

1 – Cannibal
2 – We R Who We R
3 – Sleazy
4 – Blow
5 – The Harold Song
6 – Crazy Beautiful Life
7 – Grow A Pear
8 – CU Next Tuesday
9 – Animal (Billboard Remix)
10 – Stephen
11 – Animal
12 – Take It Off (K$ N’ Friends Version)

‘Sleazy’, the Bangladesh-produced crunk fest, is reportedly going out as the new single. Hardcore Ke$ha fans are throwing a knowing glance at  ‘CU Next Tuesday’ – a leaked track that surfaced online before the glittery pop star made it worldwide.

Just like Gaga did with The Fame Monster last year, a stand alone Cannibal EP – pictured above – will also be available.


The savage compilation Animal + Cannibal hits Aussie shelves on 19 November. ‘We R Who We R’ and ‘Sleazy’ are both available on iTunes now.


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