Nicole Scherzinger ‘Poison’ Music Video

Ka-pow, pussycats! Mama’s got that poison.

I’m getting the shakes now, clearly unable to cope with a Nicole Scherzinger video light on hair flicks and ho-tastic moves.

Director Joseph Kahn (the man behind Kylie‘s triumphant ‘All The Lovers’ video) teases out the supervillain, in what’s arguably the campest thing Nicole has committed to film since ‘Hush Hush’.

Here are three arresting scenes in the ‘Poison’ promo:

1) Clark Kent gone femme fatale.

If looks could kill, these blokes haven’t got a chance against Mistress Nicole’s forces of evil.

2) The quick-change choreography.

The camp dance-fight may be unintentionally funny but you’ve got to marvel at the cleverly choreographed and edited quick-change sequence. Even if Janet‘s done it before in the ‘So Excited’ video, albeit with more nudity.

3) Fall back, weaklings.

BAM. Just the kind of response I get when I step into work.


This RedOne-produced track could be the key to turn Nicole’s solo career around. It’s been a long struggle to find “her sound” and stand out from the PCD brand but this feels like a step in the right direction.

All the talent show appearances she’s done so far – winning Dancing With The Stars and that extended guest judging stint on UK’s X Factor – has certainly helped acquaint us with Nicole, the solo artist.

‘Poison’ is out on 28 November in the UK.



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