X Factor UK Feed: Live Shows Week Four

This was a week of validation for some of our ever-resilient X Factor contestants.

More often than once did the room fall silent at the sound of haters being shut down by redeeming performances from Treyc Cohen, Paije Richardson and the highlight of the night – Cher Lloyd.

Nothing says a comeback like a sassy swag of disco and last week’s bottom two salvage Treyc Cohen was pulling all stops with ‘Relight My Fire’. Paije finally delivers the vocal floristry everyone was expecting from this made soul man and hushing criticisms about her singing abilities, this week Cher Lloyd stands and delivers the torch ballad of night.

All in all, X Factor‘s Halloween theme was nothing short of the expected cheeky and enchanting affair.

Who brought it:

Cher Lloyd, our resident feisty femmecee turns off the swag for a tear-jerking rendition of ‘Stay’. Sensational song choice, a moving performance and an exquisite set – this was everything the public didn’t expect from the 17-year old.

Rebecca Ferguson‘s slow-burning rendition of ‘Wicked Game’ had me bewitched. Dannii‘s comments were spot on – I want to listen to this version over and over again. Week after week, Rebecca keeps proving to us why she’s got the stock to be make timeless records for an international market.

Bitch please moments:

What in the name of Maleficent is going on here? Katie Waissel‘s wig of teased yeti furball has to be the best god damn hair piece this competition has seen.

Cheryl forcing a little smile out of Aiden Grimshaw. Is that better, luv? Look. Say what you will about his intensity but for an indulgent warbler, Aiden sure is easy on the eyes. Adam Glambert must be proud of the generous guyliner work.

Pause the tape. Somebody please come over and explain this fuckery. These back up singers must’ve really pissed off the bitches in wardrobe because there’s no connecting lilac with apple green and stripes.

Treyc Cohen, this scene is something out of Real Housewives of Atlanta. The cheap expensive furniture, the curves-embracing red dress and BET-ready wig – damn, did someone jack Nene‘s boudoir? So we found the Halloween connection after all.


The fourth week eliminations came crashing down on the ladies with Belle Amie and Katie Waissel languishing in the bottom two.

Both of these acts have been in the bottom before but it’s clear in my mind which of the two has more of the “X factor”.

Belle Amie still can’t manage to harmonise and sing in time – and it’s becoming frustrating to watch week after week. They’re almost as bad as Girls Aloud when they’re trying to sing in unison, except GA has the sense to render each girl with their own line to minimise these clashes. Belle Amie could use with some more vocal attention and practice together.

Katie Waissel may well be a fame-hungry moll but she’s my favourite fame-hungry moll in this competition. There’s a spark about Katie when she performs and when it’s switched on for the right song, it’s dynamite.

All points considered, the judges still came to a deadlock with Louis throwing it back to the public and promptly saw us bid KTHXBAI to the lowest-polling act: Belle Amie.

It’ll be interesting to see if the girls stick together after the competition, the whole experience could very well have put them off performing together. But if sources are to be believed, the girls might want to hold tight because Geri Halliwell is coming for them with a management deal.


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