X Factor Feed: Live Shows Week Seven

We already know who the nation’s final two will be. It’ll all come down to crowd pleasing rocker Altiyan and sweet vocal powerhouse Sally Chatfield.

This week’s summer theme made for predictable selections of feel good rock jams but you know what? Just this once, I’d like to not be reminded of how limited and ordinary our perception of “summer music” is.

I would’ve preferred it if they had injected a few current and slightly off Top 30 selections but that’s just me and my aversion to anything overkilled on Austereo et al. Indulge me for a minute here and just imagine Mahogany doing Beyonce and Alicia Keys‘ ‘Put It In A Love Song’ or Hayley Teal lighting it up with Kelis‘ ‘Acapella’. I see you nodding.

Who brought it:

Sally Chatfield makes singing a Kelly Clarkson song as easy as it is in our heads. The reality is, there’s nothing easy about any of Kelly’s up-tempos. It’s dynamite and every note has to be executed with precision – and that’s what Sal delivered without breaking a sweat.

Andrew Lawson dressing up Maroon 5‘s ‘Sunday Morning’ as a summery jazz number worked like a charm. The scat improv may have still come off sounding calculated but for the first time since the audition, I can comfortably say that Andrew has his stride. This sounds like a standard he’d include on his album of covers.

Bitch please moments:

“I’m going to say the right thing so everyone gets behind what I’m saying” – Kyle‘s mockery of RoRo done with an Irish accent that actually turned out more Shrek Scottish was seriously one of the highlights of the night.

“TOTALLY GROSS OUTFIT ON TELEVISION. The worst vocal you’ve had on the show so far. Whoever who said it doesn’t suit you, they were right.” – Kyle speaking our minds on Hayley‘s attempt at ‘California Girls’. Again, I find myself nodding with Sandilands. This has to stop.

More ensembly challenged moments on our X Factor. Mahogany, have you been recycling Bardot‘s outfit from the early 00s? Absolute visual cruelty.


The seventh week eliminations came down to Luke & Joel and Hayley Teal.

The judges were faced with two composite acts – one not inherently known for singing but holds their own as crowd-pleasing entertainers (Luke & Joel) and the other, a vocally impressive performer who’s still developing her stage presence (Hayley Teal).

I’ve never been one to believe that a great range equates success – it’s all down to good value entertainment, appropriate song choice and memorable performances. That’s what makes a wonderful pop performer. As far as the above criteria was concerned, both Hayley and Luke & Joel have had their share of hits and misses but

Even though the ‘California Girls’ performance felt forced and it could not have been further from what we wanted to see, I’m still backing my gurl all the way.

Now that the competition is out, Ms Hayley, grab your fan base and run with your dream as an international recording artist. She has convinced us throughout the course of this competition that she’s a versatile singer capable of styling herself into several genres, be it dance, pop/rock or soul/R&B. I look forward to your next chapter.

In the meantime, Australia, please welcome your final five: Altiyan Childs, Sally Chatfield, Mahogany, Luke & Joel and Andrew Lawson.



  1. First my future wife now the Queen of the night is out i just don’t get it.

    I blame that Bejewelled top and those emaciated dancers for Hayley’s downfall.

    Did you hear Luke or Joel’s (no I don’t know which is which) little diva rant? “the first piece of artistry in the whole show and I get slapped in the face” lets not get carried away boys. Theres a difference between artistry and butchery.

      • I think it was on the result show when they recapped their performance and he said it in such a way that made me think man he really thought they had just done something magical with that song, diva in waiting or what. Not even miss ‘apparent attitude’ problem Amanda would have said something like that.

      • I actually miss Amanda. The show’s going to be so boring without her and Hayley.

        I’ve been reminiscing on Hayley’s ‘Bust Your Windows’ and Amanda’s wind machine moment on ‘The Voice Within’… lol!

  2. I miss her too, I liked way back when she tried out for Idol, the show is bland without her as we all know cave man or Sally is going to take it out.

    Ahh Amanda and the wind machine she knew how to work one and Hayley was the only other person to use it, i want to see Sally whip out the wind machine.

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