Pink ‘Raise Your Glass’ Music Video

Let’s toast to our contender for Music Video of The Year.

Here in Pink‘s anthem for the underdogs, the irreverent singer drops a salute to the social outcasts, the gays and minority groups – all while fitting in animal welfare and anti-consumerism references.

Essentially another classic, tongue-in-cheek and exultant Dave Meyers and Pink music video collabo.

Here are three scene-stealers in the ‘Raise Your Glass’ promo:

1) Fight The Fat Cat.

Pink battling your representation of an overpaid, overweight white male CEO in a sumo ring with a dollar sign. Nuff’ said.

2) Milk For Cows.

Here’s a statement our farmyard friends can go for.

3) Slap A Skinny Bitch.

Next time I’m chowing down a Family Feast bucket and I clock a rail-thin miss thang giving me the side-eye, I know just what to do.


Pink‘s ‘Raise Your Glass’ is the first of four new recordings to appear on her Greatest Hits… So Far!!! compilation. The Australian edition will feature her original version of Adam Lambert‘s ‘Whataya Want From Me’. The CD/DVD package is due in stores here on 12 November.


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