Cut Copy “Zonoscope” Album Details

Behold, one of the coolest album artworks I’ve seen all year.

Cut Copy has just released details and the cover art for their third album Zonoscope. Fans privy to the LP’s ‘Making Of’ mini-doco would’ve seen the band holing up in a north Melbourne warehouse for six months crafting the record before shipping it off to Atlanta to be mixed.

If the first single ‘Where I’m Going’ and press descriptions are anything to go by, this could well arrive as a belated summer holiday record.

“It is Cut Copy boiled down to their purest form, a suite of futuristic visions built upon primal rhythm tracks. It is their most immediate work to date. ‘Take Me Over’ perfectly encapsulates this, its chiming highlife guitars bouncing around tropical percussion reminiscent of an island holiday in a pop song.”

Someone fetch me a glass of Malibu with pineapple now.


The album artwork is a genius creation by Japanese photomontage artist Tsunehisa Kimura.

Zonoscope is out 4 February here, 7 February in the UK and 8 February in the US.

The PR folks are probably getting ahead of themselves now. No one’s going to remember or care for something that’s coming out next year. I know it’s technically only three months away but have you seen the barrage of new releases peppering our space now? We’ll schedule a reminder after the New Years debauchery, shall we?



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