Fantasia ‘I’m Doin Me’ Music Video

Everyone’s favourite ghetto petal has returned with a feel good jam for the ladies. Somehow I’m not convinced that Fanny would be this well behaved should there be a run-in with a real ex.

Director Benny Boom (the man behind Nelly and Kelly‘s ‘Dilemma’ and Ciara‘s ‘Goodies’ videos) gives us a sneak peak into Fantasia‘s leisurely Sunday arvo activities.

It’s no different to what you and I do, really – catch up with the gurls, clock an ex and give him the side-eye, and then go shake it off in a park.

Here are three highlights of Fantasia‘s ‘I’m Doin Me’ video:

1) Fanny Sets The Bait.

This is where she got me. Aretha and I are all eyes and ears now, gurl, you go head.

2) I’mma-Cut-A-Bitch Face.

My friends all know this look. The minute they see this flash across my dial, they know to hide all sharp objects and glasses, and start reaching out for prayer support.

3) Fanny Is A Ford Type of Girl.

It’d be absurd to have Bentleigh or BMW sponsoring this video. Totally goes against Fantasia‘s image and demographic. Fans would be accusing her of selling out, but no risk of that with a Ford automobile.


The album Back To Me has reportedly only sold over 283,000 copies since it dropped in August. Look, I really want her to do well. Fanny captured my heart when she belted the shit out of her debut title track, ‘Free Yourself’. Can we take it back to that exorcist-baiting unbridled soul?



  1. Hi Limmy,

    Your posts are great! thought I’d comment on this one because I reviewed it too but I looked at it at a slightly different angle though lol. Keep doing what your doing and gona add ya to my Top Links xx

    • Hey Brenaz,
      Thanks for the comment! I just saw your post. Yeah, product placements make the music video world go round, don’t it? :-)


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