Mariah Carey “Oh Santa!” Music Video

Consider me brainwashed into a festive mood now. Here’s my credit card, I’ll be leaving with a box of Lollipop Bling perfume for every one of my female and gay relatives now.

Director Ethan Lader (the man behind Bruno Mars‘ ‘Just The Way You Are’ video) ran with the concept of a vintage Christmas TV special, which sees our tinseled manatee being the star attraction rocking her ever-graceful hair flicks and signature hand flutters.

Here are three highlights I can salvage from this one-set extravaganza.

1) Glowing.

Pregnancy suits Mimi. And don’t you for a second get to thinking that I’ve arrived at this conclusion from the glow on her face. Mimi always has that glow wherever she goes. She’s not paying the make up spruiker and lighting crew to simply stand by for TV interviews. It’s on all the time.

2) Click Click Goes My Polaroid.

I’m not even sure what kind of dinosaur camera this is. It’s not the Polaroid prototype we know. Mimi‘s really trying to tell us something. In case the sepia tone and old film reel got lost on you, here’s another clue.

3) You Can Never Have Too Much Gold.

Don’t even argue with Mimi on this one. Bling, sparklies and every kind of butterfly motif jooolry – more is definitely more.


Merry Christmas II You is out here next Friday, 12 November. Mimi is very much the reigning empress of Christmas in the States with ‘Oh Santa!’ debuting at #1 on the US Holiday Digital Charts [Editor’s note: Bah humbug!] while her classic ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ sits at #2.


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