Robyn Touring Australia In February

Just when I thought I’ve settled it with a hair flick of disdain, Robyn tells us she’ll be heading to Australia in just three months and teases the possibility of a joint tour with Kelis.

The Swedish pop purveyor pulled out of her Stereosonic and December Aussie dates due to “scheduling conflicts” but told The Music Network that she’ll return in February, coincidentally when Kelis will be in town for Good Vibrations.

The pair had previously hooked up for a joint All Hearts tour of the UK and US this year but Robyn tells TMN nothing’s been set for the Aussies yet.

As for the ditch – mind you, she’ll be touring the States next month when she should be here – Robyn explains, “it’s such a fucking shame, I love the Australian audience so it felt super important, but this time it has been a little slow over there, and there have been a few other things going on, so I’ve had to prioritise a little bit.”

In short, she’s punishing us.


Body Talk – the mega anthology finale – hits stores here on 26 November. ‘Indestructible’ will be serviced to Australian radio next Monday. Fingers crossed for a decent pick up. It’s too good to fall only on selected ears.



  1. So she defines selling out a Melbourne show as ‘a little bit slow.’ Prepare for a Jade rant, Robyn.

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