X Factor Feed: Live Shows Week Eight

Does it worry you to think that we’re down to our final five and the nation’s still divided on all but two acts?

The consistent champions of the series Altiyan Childs and Sally Chatfield need not worry, we’ve long lifted the velvet rope to usher them through to the finals.

It’s the likes of Andrew Lawson that had me wondering who exactly is voting for him. But the swing lad might’ve just justified his place in the competition this week with a spellbinding performance of Sam Sparro‘s ‘Black & Gold’. Easily, Kyle‘s best song choice all year.

Guest mentor Mel B was a whirlwind in town this week, boosting everyone’s confidence, bringing some much needed fun, cheek and performing advice.

Come to think of it, this series has pulled its fair share of star cameos. Apart from being the nation’s televisual platform to bag for promoting artists, we’ve also secured star mentors like Usher, Snoop Dogg, Kelly Rowland, Boyzone and – get this – Robin Gibb.

Here’s a rundown of who aced the live show and some of our favourite cheeky moments this week.

Who brought it:

Andrew Lawson, I’ve finally got my money’s worth with you. This is just the kind of bonanza performance piece we need X Factor Australia to serve more of. The choreography, the slick staging and cooler than ice swag – it’s ‘Black and Gold’ like it should be. Pure class.

Altiyan Childs don’t need no entourage, he can rock this house on the titan strength of his stage presence. It’s yet another splendid – albeit obvious – song choice for our caveman this week with the INXS classic ‘Never Tear Us Apart’. It was a mighty big ask for Childs to attempt this song given that he notoriously crumbled after forgetting the lyrics in boot camp. Consider yourself redeemed, sir.

Bitch please moments:

Nobody in this competition is getting any and the sexual frustration is starting to spill on stage this week.

Kyle‘s surprise kiss-attack on Natalie Imbruglia. Obviously, no one was more surprised than middle man Guy Sebastian whose face basically said it all. Boys, I thought we left those tricks behind when we graduated from primary school.

Suddenly Sally‘s staged pash with a cute guitarist isn’t so appealing any more. Thanks Kyle, there’s no bringing back my appetite now.

Altiyan grinding up on Mel B. Scary, you don’t want to visit that cave. Believe me.

Andrew Lawson‘s only instructions for his entourage of female dancers: “dirty hands, I demand.”


Our eighth week elimination saw Guy‘s remaining acts Mahogany and Luke & Joel battle it out in the bottom two.

Luke & Joel may not have been my cup of tea but I don’t want to steal their thunder here. These boys have definitely grown as performers and, if possible, as vocalists in this competition.

They carried their own crowd-pleasing entertainment value and despite the odd cheese-heavy song choices, these guys were completely likeable and relatable – and in most cases that’s “X factor” enough for a pop act.

It has come to a curly end of the competition. With the judges struggling to choose between Mahogany and Luke & Joel, the decision back to the public who swiftly cut the rope and bid KTHXBAI to Luke & Joel.



  1. mel b i am soooo jealous! altiyan ur my highlight of the group performances is u grinding up on someone ……n imagining it was me!

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