“He Will Have His Way: The Songs of Tim & Neil Finn” Album Details

The ladies might’ve been first but now it’s the gentlemen’s turn to reimagine the songs of Tim and Neil Finn.

Following the overwhelming success of the 2005 tribute album She Will Have Her Way, EMI has hemmed a brother version – He Will Have His Way: The Songs of Tim & Neil Finn – following a similar pattern, weaving together an eclectic blend of artists like Paul Kelly, Jimmy Barnes, Darren Hayes, Chris Cheney, Luke Steele and Angus Stone.

Here’s the tracklisting:

1 – Oh Mercy – I Feel Possessed
2 – Chris Cheney – Distant Sun
3 – Boy & Bear – Fall At Your Feet
4 – Paul Kelly & Angus Stone – Four Seasons In One Day
5 – Glenn Richards – She Got Body, She Got Soul
6 – Paul Dempsey – Addicted
7 – Jimmy Barnes – Message To My Girl
8 – Art vs Science – I See Red
9 – Philadelphia Grand Jury – I Got You
10 – The Sleepy Jackson – Better Be Home Sooon
11 – Artisan Guns – Private Universe
12 – Darren Hayes – Not Even Close
13 – The Break with Dan Sultan – Shark Attack
14 – Perry Keyes – Poor Boy
15 – Busby Marou – Better Be Home Soon
16 – Kody Nielson – Kiss The Road To Rarotonga
17 – Perry Keyes – Angels Heap [iTunes bonus track]

Note the two polar opposite versions of the classic ‘Better Be Home Soon’ – you know to look to Busby Marou for the dutiful and earnest acoustic cover and raise an eyebrow at The Sleepy Jackson‘s experimental electronica take.

You can check out 30 second previews of the tracks here.


He Will Have His Way: The Songs of Tim & Neil Finn is out here on Friday 12 November.


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