Robyn “Body Talk” New Tracks

Hark! The four brand new Robyn Body Talk tracks have leaked. Hurry, bitches, hurry! Go click and have a listen to the full tracks.

‘Time Machine’

The alpha and omega of all Body Talk tracks. Think: throbbing baseline, crowd hollers and an adrenalin-fuelled chorus. File this next to the almighty ‘Dancing On My Own’ and single version of ‘Indestructible’. Lyric of choice: “can’t believe the fit I just threw. Stupid. Wanted the reaction. I remember the words, how I said them so they would hurt.” – Mighty snap.

‘Call Your Girlfriend’

This one’s a bittersweet Robyn dance ballad. You know, the type that leaves you sipping your drink quietly on the floor nodding to the beat. There shall be crying at the discotheque when this part comes on: “you’ll just tell her that the only way her heart will mend is when she learns to love again. And it won’t make sense right now but you’re still her friend.” – Mighty snap.

‘Get Myself Together’

Here’s a pounding survivor track to slot next to ‘Cry When You Get Older’. Lyric of choice: “My mama called me last night she said when nothing else fits, pick up the pieces and move on.” – Bounce snap.

‘Stars 4-ever’

This one’s a gentle groovy throwback, not too sonically different to some early Calvin Harris material. Lyric of choice: “I can be right there next to you. No matter where in the world you are… forever connected through the stars.” – Bounce snap.


Snap legend
Mighty snap = this is a hit.
Bounce snap = instantly likeable.
Lightbulb snap = you will need a moment to get into this.
Nonchalant snap = need I say more?
No snap = please cease and decease.

I know how ya’ll like the snap rating system and I do apologise for the lack of Leak Reports lately. But look! Now we can snap together again.


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