Shayne Ward ‘Gotta Be Somebody’ Music Video

This is the only context where it’s acceptable to enjoy a Nickelback song.

Oft-forgotten X Factor winner Shayne Ward finally strikes back with his first single in over three years and he opts for a synth-soaked pop reinvention of a Nickelback hit.

Shady, I know. But the sexy warbler has bigger shit to worry about.

The pressure and desperation pressing on this release is more serious than any of Katie Waissel‘s repeated sings for survival on X Factor.

Shayne – who won the talent show competition the season before Leona seized the crown and broke the X Factor on an international level – has been sidelined by Simon Cowell‘s label for years. Every year that goes by means more new acts competing for Cowell’s immediate attention and so, after a millennia of hibernation, this is the moment they relent and let Shayne nuzzle his way to the front of the line.

This better not blow up in his face.

Here to help him regain exposure, director Billy Woodruff (the man behind most of Toni Braxton‘s videos) strips the hunky pop star down and sends him around town baiting the laydeez.

Behold the three jaw-dropping, fluid-spilling moments in ‘Gotta Be Somebody’:

1) Did They Lock Up The Gays?

Where are all the men in this town? Seriously. Dude, I get it. You’re a vagina magnet. But you have no problem posing in a wet T-shirt for a gay magazine if it helps sell records, right?

2) It Happens With Women Too.

I thought I was the only one with that problem.

3) Nice Chest, Mate.

I see you nodding. Can’t take my eyes off the fabulous furniture.


‘Gotta Be Somebody’ is out in the UK this week. Fingers crossed for a Top 20 entry. The single b-side is yet another cover – albeit an obscure one – of Kristinia DeBarge‘s ‘Future Love’. Shayne’s long-awaited album Obsession is out 15 November in the UK.


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