Glee “The Music: Volume 4” Album Details

Look who is making another submission to Santa’s sack this year.

It’s been a busy year for the Glee enterprise – not only will there be a special Christmas album by the cast, they’re also dropping an LP of season two’s covers the following week. Why the hell not? Them Glee recordings have grossed over 16 million downloads world over already. You’d be crazy to hold back over the peak spending season.

Here’s the tracklisting for Volume 4:

1 – Empire State of Mind
2 – Billionaire
3 – Me Against The Music
4 – Stronger
5 – Toxic
6 – The Only Exception
7 – I Wanna Hold Your Hand
8 – One of Us
9 – River Deep, Mountain High
10 – Lucky
11 – One Love
12 – Teenage Dream
13 – Forget You (feat. Gwyneth Paltrow)
14 – Marry You
15 – Sway
16 – Just The Way You Are
17 – Valerie
18 – (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life

Is anyone else cut that they didn’t include the tear-jerking rendition of ‘I Look To You’? I’m sure there’s a perfectly sane explanation for this. I mean, shit, you’d be scared too if Whitney dragged her coke ass into your office and flipped your desk for running that flawless Amber Riley version.


Glee‘s The Music: Volume 4 is out here 26 November and their Christmas album will hit shelves the week before. Rejoice!


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