Her Majesty & The Wolves ‘Stars In Your Eyes’ Music Video

Ex-Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt keeps hustlin’ well past her 15 minutes.

Here she is again under the guise of a dance duo Her Majesty & The Wolves and if their buzz single ‘Glaciers’ left you bleeding from the cochleas – don’t worry, ‘Stars In Your Eyes’ is arguably easier on the ears.

You can’t fuck up a cheesy brand of Europop, Kimmy knows that. And with that in mind, I trust that you’ll still watch this promo on mute.

Here are three screen-grabbing moments in Kimberly Wyatt‘s new video:

1) Her Majesty.

Seriously, once you escape the iron-fisted reign of Robin Antin you can do whatever the hell you want.

2) Colosseum.

Wait a minute. This dude is singing about being “serenaded on top of the colosseum”. Where exactly in the world does he think he is right now? [Editor’s note: Limmy, if you’re investing brain waves dissecting geographical references in this video, you’re obviously doing too much.]

3) Hold Up. There’s Another Ex-Pussycat Up In Here.

Kimmy pulls up her old bandmate Ashley Roberts for a little cameo and I’m sure she appreciated the sentiment. Friends don’t let friends wait in the welfare queue all day.


‘Stars In Your Eyes’ is Her Majesty & The Wolves‘ first proper single. Expect it to be serviced to radio and clubs in the UK soon.

Elsewhere, yet another ex-Pussycat is threatening a solo career. Check out the video for Jessica Sutta‘s debut ‘I Wanna Be Bad’ – you already know where this is headed.



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