Jessica Mauboy ‘Saturday Night’ Music Video

Everyone take a deep breath and clear all ill-feelings you have bottled up from her last video.

I want to believe that Hype Williams can’t possibly screw our gurl Jess over any more than he already did with ‘Get Em Girls’.

And with that trepidation at heart, here are three things you need to know about the ‘Saturday Night’ video:

1) It is safe to check out the wardrobe situation.

You can slowly uncover your eyes. I promise you, there are no nasty shocks here. Thank Jesus they didn’t make her wear something toe-up again.

Nothing, not even Kim Zolciak in her thousand messy mayhems can ever override this infamous bike shorts outfit from my brain.

2) Technicolour renderings and cross fades.

Is this guy for real? Why is he doing this to us.

3) One series of close ups is all.

This is the only moment you’ll glimpse Jessica‘s beauty – sans superfluous filters and colour treatments. I repeat, only. This is really not good enough.


‘Saturday Night’ is the second most added new song to Australian radio this week. The track and Get Em Girls album is yet to chart but check back on Monday, all shall be revealed then.



  1. ايتها المغنية لاتسرقي كلماتي وتنسبيها لنفسك او غيرك وانا دوان مصدرك من دوان المهدي المنتظر

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