Will.i.Am and Nicki Minaj feat. Cheryl Cole ‘Check It Out’ Music Video

This video is the only evidence Cheryl Cole can flog for her contribution to ‘Check It Out’ because you simply can’t tell just from hearing.

Talk about the “featuring” credit that sent a million eyes rolling back. Here you’ll find everyone’s favourite Geordie goddess mouthing the chorus and sampled line from ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’. Superfluous.

You can watch the video here on We Are Pop Slags.

Here are three important thoughts on this “special Cheryl remix” of ‘Check It Out’:

1) They should’ve thought this one through.

Basically, this is something Nicki and Will.i.Am should’ve done as a competition prize. Ya’ll buy the record, grab some sort of code and go into a draw – the lucky winner gets a makeover and gets to shoot their video cameo in front of a green screen, et voila!

Better yet, go to Japan or South Korea and get a special booth created so anyone can shoot their ‘Check It Out’ cameo at the slot of a coin.

2) This one’s for Cher Lloyd.

Our beloved X Factor Junior MC Cher Lloyd had expressed on national tele that her dream collabo would be with a certain Nicki Minaj. *Cuts to middle-aged TV presenters blankly smiling and nodding* You know young Cher is gonna be kissing Cheryl‘s arse extra hard this week after seeing this video. It must be hard just breathing and working alongside a legend like Chezza.

3) The real star of the video.

I don’t even need to tell you. Ya’ll have eyes and ears.


‘Check It Out’ debuted at #11 in the UK this week. Cheryl‘s album has already gone #1 so the only person I can imagine this benefitting is obviously Nicki Minaj, whose Pink Friday record drops on 22 November in the UK.


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