Rihanna ‘What’s My Name?’ Music Video

Looks like that raggedy red weave is going nowhere.

Here we have pop’s sexiest warrior princess asking for the name on everybody’s lips.

Needless to say, the track has gone #1 in the US and the new album Loud‘s predicted to be another massive career-defining seller.

Director Philip Andelman (the man behind Beyonce‘s ‘Halo’ video, which explains the familiar soft lit glow and romantic domestic scene) takes RiRi sauntering about parts of New York city where she gets pleasantly accosted by Drake.

Trust me. No one would flinch if he came up behind them like that. You’ll put up some feigned resistance then take it any way he gives it.

Here are three important questions that come to mind when RiRi asks, ‘What’s My Name?’:

1) Got milk?

Dude, I just spilled a load on myself. Now if you would please excuse me.

2) What’s My Name? She asks.

It’s a fair question because I don’t think Drake‘s even aware of who he’s clinking glass with. All he’s thinking of is the magnificent Barbadian twins before his eyes.

3) Where was my invite?

Katy Perry would be walking her dog in the park when she’d come across this bunch and be like, “OH HAI GUYS! What chu doin’?” and RiRi would respond with, “Ooh nothing, gurl. We just burnin’ off your records.”


‘What’s My Name?’ debuted at #28 in Australia this week. The album Loud is currently #5 on our iTunes chart, running a little behind this week’s two massive new releases He Will Have His Way, the Finn brothers‘ tribute album (#1) and Pink‘s Greatest Hits… So Far!!! (#2).



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