Chart Feed – 15.11.10

Jessica Mauboy‘s Sasha Fierce-tripping Get Em Girls album sold over 4100 first-week copies to debut at #6 here this week. I don’t know about ya’ll but I’d be happy with that. Given that Australia discreetly fobbed off the first single and is only catching wind of ‘Saturday Night’ now – you can’t expect the record to be a shoo-in chart topper. The new single ‘Saturday Night’ debuts at #20 on the digital charts this week.

Sia finally has a Aussie Top 20 hit to her name! Pop the champagne and crap your pants for ‘Clap Your Hands’ breaking ground at #17 this week. The previous single ‘You’ve Changed’ only managed to lurk at #31 here back in January. Elsewhere her cover of The Pretenders‘ ‘I Go To Sleep’ (previously released on her Some People Have Real Problems LP) has started charting at #32 this week.

Black Eyed Peas has the highest charting new single in Australia this week with ‘The Time (Dirty Bit)’ debuting at #10. Fergie – see also: Billboard‘s 2010 Woman of The Year [Editor’s note: a little belated for The Dutchess, isn’t it?] – has announced that she’s fully committed to the BEP project now with no plans for another solo record in the near future. The Peas will drop The Beginning next Friday.

Jason DeRulo‘s ‘The Sky’s The Limit’ took off charting at #24 here this week. I know he got his headset on and twirled his way around our X Factor stage but nobody cares. We’ve had the album for eight months, marinated with the track for just as long – the novelty’s gone. This explains why more pop artists are inclined to drop new recordings for singles number three/four these days instead of simply electing album tracks everyone’s already bored with.

Glee Cast‘s fangurl baiting [Editor’s note: so the gays tell us] cover of ‘Teenage Dream’ debuts at #35 in Australia this week.

Susan Boyle almost had this one in the bag. According to Auspop, Simon Cowell‘s seasonal cash bovine was leading the album sales until Bon Jovi‘s Greatest Hits overtook her half-way through the week. The race ended with Bon Jovi topping the charts here with over 14,400 copies sold and SuBo‘s The Gift riding closely behind with over 14,160 sales.

Haters gonna hate but SuBo‘s still the real winner here with her I Dreamed A Dream album re-entering at #20 this week. Elsewhere, The Gift debuts at #1 UK and we’ll have to wait ’til Wednesday to see how she fares in the States.

Sarah McLeod‘s ‘Dancing In The Dark’ is one of the biggest movers and shakers on the club charts this week. The Bruce Springsteen cover and accompanying remixes leapt from #35 to #11 here and if Sairs is setting up some kind of litmus test, all signs point to “YES. DROP THE MADNESS NOW.”

“That Rihanna reign just won’t let up!” ‘Only Girl In The World’ is still clinging tight to #1 in the UK this week, painfully cock blocking the new Take That single. ‘The Flood’ managed to draw tidal sales of 69,484 first-week copies to debut at #2 but it’s still a pretty huge gap from RiRi, who’s churning over 93,426 copies in its third week out.

Shayne Ward‘s comeback single ‘Gotta Be Somebody’ only managed a #12 debut in the UK this week. The tireless mignons at Syco Records have only just finished cleaning up after Joe McElderry‘s chart splatter and here comes another. Poor lads.

Nadine Coyle doesn’t give a fuck about chart positions so don’t bother tweeting her your condolences. She’s all about the big picture, haven’t you heard? The poor Girls Aloud warbler is probably consoling herself with a pint down at The Irish Mist now after learning that her Insatiable album debuted at a  shocking #47 this week. Meanwhile, the title single slides from #26 to #50 in the UK.

Kylie Minogue‘s ‘Better Than Today’ started charting at #67 in the UK this week. This is purely off the back of last week’s X Factor performance and you know what, the official single release date hasn’t even been confirmed yet. This is just a quick wave to let us know she’s still kicking after her last single – ‘Get Out of My Way’ – failed to stick around. Expect promo to kick into turbo drive in February when her Les Folies tour begins.

Mariah Carey sold over 56,000 copies of her new seasonal release – Merry Christmas II You – to debut at #4 in the US this week. Billboard reports that the first-week sales here topped that of Ma Mimi‘s iconic Merry Christmas album 16 years ago, which only sold 45,000 copies in America back then. Mariah recently told USA Today that she’s filmed a video for ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ so brace yourselves for another gawdy Mimi promo.

N.E.R.D sees their brand new album Nothing come in at #21 in the US this week. It’s a crazy time of the year for any new studio album – you’re essentially pitting new, unfamiliar material with the bankable greatest hits collections and Christmas choons. Good luck to those purveying new material without a massive hype drive.

Ke$ha‘s ‘Sleazy’ has started charting at #51 in the US. The glitter monger has been steadily releasing new tracks every week in the lead up to the Cannibal EP drop. The title track and ‘Blow’ are the latest to surface online.


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