Ciara “Basic Instinct” Album Details

The princess of crunk is back in town.

Let’s face it. CeeCee’s never been super ubiquitous in Australia.

I mean, ya’ll 1, 2 stepped to her debut and crotch-thrusted to ‘Love Sex & Magic’ but beyond what pop radio supports, it’s hard to find many Ciara singles on rotation here.

It’s not rocket science figuring out what Aussies want from Ciara. You can basically skip the coma-inducing ballads she tends to lead single with and just feed us the up-tempo stuff.

Her forthcoming studio album promises to be a return to Goodies form, so fans could be in luck this time around.

Here’s the confirmed tracklisting for Basic Instinct:

1 –  Basic Instinct (U Got Me)
2 – Ride (feat. Ludacris)
3 – Gimmie Dat
4 – Heavy Rotation
5 – Girls Get Your Money
6 – Yeah I Know
7 – Speechless
8 – You Can Get It
9 – Turn It Up (feat. Usher)
10 – Wants For Dinner
11 – I Run It


Auspop reports that Sony Music will drop Basic Instinct in Australia on 10 December. The first Aussie single ‘Gimmie Dat’ was serviced to Aussie radios this week.

They’ve also dropped a special ‘Gimmie Dat/ Speechless’ EP for the international iTunes markets featuring the singles and their respective music videos.

If you’re searching for pure class entertainment with plenty of pussy bone action, look no further than her controversial ‘Ride’ video.


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