Ameriie ‘Outside Your Body’ Comeback Single

No, that wasn’t a typing error. Honey-vocalled R&B chanteuse Amerie is seriously sticking with her rebranded title of Ameriie.

It’s all part of her image and sound overhaul – and can I just say, this shit is making me nervous.

I love me some Ameriie but let’s face it, that Rich Harrison funk style is well and truly dated now. It’s time she moved on to forge her own sound and identity because there’s only so much room in the American femme R&B pool for recycling unwanted Beyonce and Rihanna tracks.

Here’s a full preview of Ameriie‘s new sound on le comeback single ‘Outside Your Body’:

01 Outside Your Body by TPBSecretLeaks

As your ears have informed you, this is definitely more Harajuku Kylie pop than say, ‘1 Thing’. Blimey, she even throws in a little Korean on the track as a little homage to her part-Asian heritage.


‘Outside Your Body’ is the lead single from Ameriie‘s forthcoming concept album: Cymatika Vol 1.

Prepared to be psyched out and wowed. I’m giving you those two options because I’m not sure what the fuck we should be expecting with this.


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