Chart Feed – 22.11.10

Pink‘s Greatest Hits… So Far!!! made an effortlessly debut at #1 here this week, selling over 30,600 copies. One of the four new recordings on the package, ‘Fucking Perfect’, debuts at #10 here purely on downloads alone. It is the most added new song on Australian radios this week. The other new track ‘Heartbreak Down’ charts at #40 on our digital charts but, that aside, what does everyone think of her original version of Adam Glambert‘s ‘Whataya Want From Me’?

Take That officially has the fastest selling album of the century. The band – now formally reunited with Robbie – sold over 520,000 copies of their Progress album in its first week, a record unmatched by any UK album sales in the last 10 years. They’ve already made headlines earlier last week for scoring the biggest UK opening day sales. Progress managed to sell over 235,000 copies in its first day, making it the biggest opening sales since Oasis dropped Be Here Now in 1997. Waow. I’m gonna need a lie down.

Rihanna‘s Loud is the second biggest new release here and in the UK. The Barbadian beauty fought the good fight but she’s nothing against Pink in our market and Take That on their home turf. Loud came in at #3 here, managing to move over 11,200 first-week copies and over in the UK, it debuted at #2 reportedly selling over 91,000 copies.

On a side note, nine out of ten most downloaded albums in the country this week are new releases. How’s that for an observation of where new music is most readily acquired?

Ronan Keating‘s Duet compilation made a decent amount of first-week sales [Editor’s note: over 8000 copies, if you wanna get out a yard stick and compare] to debut at #7 this week. Good old RoRo ran for the mic at every given opportunity on X Factor. Good to know his new single with Paulini – ‘Believe Again’ – is picking up a bit of radio support. The song is the ninth most added new track on Aussie airwaves this week. Happy as I am to golf clap to his success, all I can think of is what’s happening with Natalie‘s music career.

Jessica Mauboy‘s Get Em Girls album makes a death drop from a #6 debut last week to #20. BAM! Shit’s about to hit the fan at Sony HQ. On the flip side, her new single ‘Saturday Night’ debuted at #13 this week. A small consolation for what hasn’t been the most receptive start for an album promo.

Mariah Carey‘s Merry Christmas II You makes a quiet tinkle of a debut here at #37 this week. She needs to do some kind of interview on The Circle or the Today Show to let folks know she’s dropped an album for the festive season. You know that demographic would totally lap up this shit.

Willow Smith and her infectious ‘Whip My Hair’ has landed on the Aussie charts, people! The weave-snatching 9-year old saw her single chart at #16 on our digital charts this week after picking up strong radio rotation last week. This song is destined for great things and will become a centrepiece of viral music 2010.

Black Eyed Peas have scored yet another Aussie chart topper with ‘This Time (The Dirty Bit)’. I wish I could say that there were lesser evils in the world but no, this pretty much takes the cake right now. Speaking of evils, Scarlett Belle‘s got another one in the pipeline. The duo’s third single ‘Loverboy’ is the fifth most added new song to Aussie radios this week.

James Blunt‘s comeback single ‘Stay The Night’ slips in at #42 this week in Australia. Should we expect things to pick up next week after his appearance on our X Factor? Watching his awkward duet with Andrew Lawson on ‘You’re Beautiful’ really put things into perspective for me. Hasn’t this man suffered enough to promote his music?

JLS scores their fourth UK #1 single with ‘Love You More’ this week. Wait a minute, did you know every thing these boys have breathed on – including the two charity singles – have gone #1 in the UK except for a rogue single ‘One Shot’, which only made #6? I shan’t mention it any further. Fanboys in the forums will start stewing over this again. Why upset the pack? They have so much to look forward to. JLS’ new album Outta This World was released today.

Shayne Ward‘s long awaited comeback Obsession tanks at #15 in the UK this week. Poor man. Somebody’s gonna break something when Simon Cowell pops into the studio to give him the pink slip. Do yourself a favour and have a dip low to his reggaeton cover of Tony Rich‘s ‘Nobody Knows’. He’ll appreciate the listen.

Ellie Goulding‘s enchanting cover of Queen Elton‘s ‘Your Song’ bullets from #39 to #3 in the UK this week. This is the first offering from Ellie‘s revamped Lights album – sensationally titled Bright Lights – which flaunts six new recordings, including a new version of ‘Lights’.

The Beatles most popular song might just be ‘Hey Jude’ with the track coming up as the most downloaded of the band’s back catalogue since its iTunes release on Thursday. All up, there are ten Beatles songs that have popped up on the UK Top 100 in a matter of just four days. Here’s a quick roll call: ‘Hey Jude’ (#40), ‘Let It Be’ (#46), ‘Twist and Shout’ (#48), ‘Here Comes The Sun’ (#64), ‘In My Life’ (#78), ‘Come Together’ (#83) and ‘Yesterday’ (#86).

Susan Boyle has blown up the American charts again. This year, our seasonal warbler drops The Gift and saw it sell over 318,000 copies in its first week. Sure it’s not on par with I Dreamed A Dream‘s titan 701,000 first week-sales but if this is what you call a sophomore slump, I’d be telling Simon Cowell to go ahead with that deposit on another private island.

Natasha Bedingfield is languishing at the wrong end of the US Hot 100 this week. Her new single ‘Strip Me’ – produced by Ryan Tedder – has bobbed back up at #99 after only managing to peak at #95 a few weeks back. I don’t care if everyone has moved on, I’m still thirsty for some Nat Bed. Her lyrics and Bourbon-kissed vocals are always right on. Absolutely cannot wait to hear the new album, which drops on 7 December in the US.


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