Gamu Releases Christmas Single

Guess who’s back with a vengeance?

Popular UK  X Factor reject Gamu Nhengu is threatening her own Christmas charity single: ‘Where Will You Sleep This Christmas?’. The track is set to collide with the X Factor winner’s single, both dropping on 13 December – but this is not what it seems.

It’s not the triumphant debut or first fruits of a lucrative recording deal we were all hoping for. Gamu has merely teamed up with her old singing teacher to raise funds for a children’s charity, Aberlour, and a small record company in Glasgow is releasing the track for them.

Listen to Gamu‘s ‘Where Will You Sleep This Christmas?’ here:

The charity had issued the following statement: “We have had a long association with Gamu, who has sung at our Christmas concert for the past three years. A small record company has taken the song on as a charitable project to release it in a small way because we can’t spend a lot of money on the single.”

Whatever you do Gamu, don’t sign an exclusive deal with your local corner lot grocer.

You can be so much bigger than that.


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