Joe McElderry ‘Someone Wake Me Up’ Music Video

Forget Narnia, I’m reaching into the back of that closet to pull out my freakum dress for Joe.

My future husband has done us proud again soldiering on with a brilliant single choice and – more importantly – kudos for the major blockbuster association this time. ‘Someone Wake Me Up’ is the feature track on the forthcoming epic Narnia: Voyage of The Dawn Treader. My boo is going global!

Here are three pantie-wetting highlights of Joe’s new video.

1) Nuhdeen will be trippin’.

You bet the Tesco warbler will be giving an indignant hair flick or two when she sees another queen posing in the rain with a vintage mic.

2) Narnia needs to sit back down.

Should we be distracted by all the magical wonders of this film while focusing on Joe? No. Perhaps it would’ve helped if he was wearing, say, a white shirt instead?

3) This is all you get.

Children are watching and Joe ain’t no video ho, so if you were expecting some sort of writhing in the water action, then… you’ve really read my mind and found that wish not granted. Sorry stans, this is as sexy as it gets. Believe me, I tried long and hard to capture the right looks for ya’ll.


‘Someone Wake Me Up’ is out 5 December in the UK. Mates in Mother England, please don’t disappoint me again with some shitty chart position.

Now that I’ve got you fiending for more, go have a peek at the Feed Limmy‘s treatment of Joe’s ‘Ambitions’ music video.


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