Kylie Minogue Records ‘Let It Snow’

Pop goddess Kylie is set to release a Christmas single this year.

The Aphrodite chanteuse has covered the 1945 white Christmas classic ‘Let It Snow’ and yes, everyone who has read Perez is LOLZing at the irony because us Aussies get Christmas in summer. It’s really not that newsworthy, y’guys.

Min Min will be over in New York over the festive season, so snow could very well be a possibility.

‘Let It Snow’ is the first Christmas song she’s put out since 2007’s naughtier-than-nice ‘Santa Baby’ – which charted at #76 in the UK purely on downloads.

What I love about this is that it’s not another Christmas charity single. Don’t throw me the side eye like I’m some kind of Scrooge but it’s not a crime to put out a festive song just for the hell of it.

It’s not like Min‘s gonna be breaking the Dow Jones with the single’s profits, anyway. Just good fun to get you in the Christmas mood – no agendas or tugging of heartstrings here.


‘Let It Snow’ is up for downloads on 7 December in the UK. The real news is when she’s gonna put out that orchestral/acoustic reworking of her greatest hits as recently hinted on BBC’s Radio 2.


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