Wynter Gordon’s Australian Gigs

Australia, prepare for a cool change this summer because Wynter‘s taking over. [Editor’s note: you can’t fault that intro, can you?]

After what’s felt like an eternity of fandom, I’m thrilled to announce that breaking singer/songwriter Wynter Gordon is finally heading out to play some shows here.

Queens in the pop blogosphere can attest to a love that goes all the way back to ‘Surveillance’ but it is her budding dance sound that has struck a chord with the public.

The current single ‘Dirty Talk’ is #4 on our ARIA club charts and fingers crossed, the Aussie club scene continues to embrace her choons because this song is already old news to me. I’m hongray for MOAR.

Party animals, report to the floor at the following locations:

3 December – East, Gold Coast
4 December – Stereosonic Festival, Melbourne
5 December – Stereosonic Festival, Brisbane
5 December – The Family, Brisbane
9 December – The Pool Room, Melbourne
11 December – HQ, Adelaide

I shall see your trashy asses at The Pool Room. The minute I hear the synths drop for ‘Surveillance’, I don’t care if you’re nursing a full pint – I will push you out of my way to get up front.


The ‘Dirty Talk’ remix EP will be released digitally here on 17 December. Her long-awaited debut album With The Music I Die is out in March next year.

Check out Feed Limmy‘s review of Wynter‘s ‘Believer’ and new ‘Dirty Talk’ videos.


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