Scarlett Belle ‘Loverboy’ Single

You all knew this day would come.

It was bound to happen sooner or later but Scarlett Belle has finally worn me down with their brand of fluoro robo pop. Any fool could see me falling. I mean, please, I am that bitch who shamelessly gets down to SugababesSweet 7 mess, so feigned indignance or not, this track was always going to grab my liking.

‘Loverboy’ is The Belles‘ third single and it sensibly follows in the glittery trails of ‘Freak Tonight’ – albeit sounding more like an updated Sophie Monk summer jam.

Don’t screw up your face, hater. Just hit play and get me a Malibu with pineapple:

01 Lover Boy by TPBSecretLeaks

Hat tip to one of my favourite pop music bloggers – The Prophet – for posting this full preview. We can all blame him for my addiction now.


‘Loverboy’ is out digitally now. The track is also the fifth most added new song to Aussie airwaves this week.

The official Belles’ website seems to have swerved, hit a bin and fallen to the gutters. That ghost town of a site doesn’t appear to have been updated since Tamara exited Dancing With The Stars! There’s not even an upload of their biggest single to date ‘Freak Tonight’ or ‘Loverboy’.


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