Natalie Gauci & Tune In Tokyo ‘Dreamer’ Music Video

Haters gonna hate but no Australian Idol winner has ever stepped out to make choons fit for Fashion TV before. You need to reward this.

Here our home gurl Natalie Gauci has done a Kimberly Wyatt and reinvented herself under the guise of a dance duo: Tune In Tokyo (or as our friends at Auspop would abbreviate it – TIT).

‘Dreamer’ is that unremarkable stomping track served with a high calling to soundtrack the moments you catch an urge to strut your shit outside the Supre change rooms. Yes. You know exactly what I mean.

Here’s a quick three look at the new Natalie Gauci:

1) The cropped mop.

This is apparently bigger news than her embracing a dance sound.

2) Vampire Geisha Nat.

A stunning look that calls to be replicated in every calisthenics showcase.

3) Nat and her gays strutting their shit.

How I missed the casting call for this video, I’ll never know.


TIT‘s ‘Dreamer’ will be released digitally on 10 December. I’m steady checking under my car seat for loose change.



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