“Burlesque” Soundtrack Album Details

I’m shitting glitter as I type this.

Every gay in the village has the forthcoming Cher and Christina Aguilera movie musical – Burlesque – etched on their calendars but before we flutter to the cinemas next month, Sony‘s dropping the soundtrack early to tide us over the festive season.

Get this. Here on record we have the first Cher original in over seven years: ‘You Haven’t Seen The Last of Me’ – a sopping wet ballad written by serial emotive pop merchant Dianne Warren.

Burlesque also features brand new recordings penned by acclaimed hit makers – Claude Kelly (Whitney), Tricky Stewart (Mariah) and Sia – as well as production from Linda Perry (Christina Aguilera) and Ron Fair (Pussycat Dolls).

Here’s the final tracklisting for your fangurling pleasure:

1 – Christina Aguilera – Something’s Got A Hold On Me
2 – Cher – Welcome To Burlesque
3 – Christina Aguilera – Tough Lover
4 – Christina Aguilera – But I Am A Good Girl
5 – Christina Aguilera – A Guy What Takes His Time
6 – Christina Aguilera – Express
7 – Cher – You Haven’t Seen The Last of Me
8 – Christina Aguilera – Bound To You
9 – Christina Aguilera – Show Me How You Burlesque
10 – Christina Aguilera – The Beautiful People

This soundtrack has just gone #1 on the US iTunes chart. Yeah, what Bionic?


Burlesque the movie hits Aussie screens on 13 January. The soundtrack will precede it, dropping here this Friday.


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